Lagon Life Spirit Boutique Hotel
Profiti Ilia 132, 73133, Chania, Crete, Greece
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  • 1. Falassarna Beach
  • 2. Vai Beach
  • 3. Elafonisi beach
  • 4. Balos Beach
  • 1. Heraklion
  • 2. Samaria Gorge
  • 3. Chania
  • 4. Agios Nikolaos
  • 5. Knossos

Destination to explore and enjoy

In a distance less than 2,5 km from the city centre, our hotel is situated in the advantageous location of Halepa district with captivating view to the city and the blue attractive scenery. Hence, here will be your ideal base to explore the city and the surrounding areas.

Undoubtedly, Chania is a city of astonishing charm; but what makes the city that beautiful?

Chania is a modern city -the second largest in Crete- but it is its historic route that will fascinate you. Chania was a place that flourished throughout centuries; minoan centre, ancient Greek community, Byzantine fortress, Venetian merchant “forum” and main military base in the eastern Mediterranean, Ottoman thriving conquest, base of Great-Forces’ embassies during the Autonomy period and now a bustling metropolis of Crete, Chania was always the prosperous “jewel” of the island.

During your visit in Chania, your attention will be surely grapped by the overwhelming atmosphere of the Old Harbor, in which stands out the Egyptian lighthouse, the Firkas fortress, the monumental shipyards (the famous Neoria) and mainly the Arsenal, a well-known cultural centre as well as a number of well-preserved buildings dating back a century and more.

Behind the Venetian city walls, your impression will be caught by the stone-paved narrow alleys and squares, each of a unique architectural character. Restaurants, cafes, bars, shops, all in this public centre will magnetise your imagination.

But still, Chania is a modern city, yet very classy and fabulous. You are recommended to shop in the Municipal Market and visit the department stores in the nearby highway. The city’s Gardens and the aristocratic neighborhood of Halepa add a charming atmosphere to Chania. In close distance from the hotel you may visit Eleftherios Venizelos tombs, sights loved by native Greeks but tourists also.

The natural landscape of the island is, nevertheless, attractive to everyone. The Samaria gorge, the most famous natural reserve of Crete is undoubtably at the top of the list, hiding wild beauty in a much-loved primitive environment. Beaches, as Elafonisi, Falassarna, Balos, Seitan are visited by crowds on yearly basis.

Experience the local hospitality and broaden your horizons by feeling the cultural touch of the past ‘’caressing’’ the present of the town. Taste our spirits, sample the Mediterranean cuisine and the mouthwatering Cretan delicacies.

Don’t miss to make the most of your visit and embrace the Cretan culture.