Mouthwatering and served at your balcony

Every morning we seize the opportunity to delight you by serving continental breakfast in the coziness of your room.

Sophisticated selections of dishes will give you energy for a day full of enthusiasm and joy.

The breakfast contains a plethora of freshly-cooked delicacies, such as pancakes, croissants, toasted bread, club-sandwiches, omelet or recipes with eggs, sweets, bruschettas, baguettes, yogurt with fruits, muffins, a variety of cheese and ham, bakeries, jars of cretan jams, juices, smoothies, coffee of your choice either tea and more.

Privately served, and aimed to let the ample panoramic view to complement your taste experience, your balcony with its open space architecture, next to the swimming pool will emerge to be the ideal spot to enjoy your breakfast.

Useful information: -Upon request we may serve early breakfast or offer you a lunch basket.
-Please inform us of any allergy or your nutritional habit (for example vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free) when checking-in.


Chic and Contemporary 

The lounge bar, located right next to the lobby, is the cozy spot to unwind after a long day of seeking the hidden paradises of Cretan landscape or the numerous sights of the city.

Serving coffees and signature cocktails, drinks and beverages, you may relax in the chic environment of the bar or call us for room-service throughout the day.

Take the time to enjoy your drink or tapas either in our bar or in your room. Actually, what is better than a refreshment while feeling the summer breeze and basking in the rejuvenating Cretan sun?